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Preferred URL

Why should I set up a preferred URL in AccuRanker? In AccuRanker you can monitor which landing page Google is ...

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Import Keywords from HubSpot

How can I integrate my HubSpot account with AccuRanker? Step 1) Go to "integrations", choose HubSpot and click "import from ...

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Creating New Sub-Accounts

How do I create a sub-account in AccuRanker? Creating sub-accounts allows you to create accounts for your clients efficiently, giving ...

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Comparing Historic Data

What is historic data in AccuRanker? AccuRanker lets you compare archived ranking data, and see any changes in ranking in ...

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Changing Keyword Settings

How can I change keyword settings in AccuRanker? If you need to change the settings for a keyword, for example ...

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Where can I find my invoices in AccuRanker? Go to the "Account" tab, and select "Subscriptions". Invoices are available for ...

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Keyword Updates

AccuRanker offers several ways for you to update your keywords, regardless of your subscription. Just want to get daily updates? ...

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Ignoring Local Packs

What does Ignore Local Pack mean in AccuRanker? When adding keywords to AccuRanker you are presented with the "Ignore Local ...

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