So far we have given you a taste of the high level updates to the system, the structure, style changes and the updates to the elements of the system that you are familiar with ....

Now it’s time to get down into the details!

What’s new?

What are the benefits of AccuRanker 2.0?

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Right - let’s get into it ….

Deep Level Filtering and Segmentation

Two of the most exciting features and the ones that will have the biggest impact on how users work with their keywords, are the new filtering and segmentation functionalities.

You are now able to take your keyword list for a domain and then apply a selection of filters to get a highly specific, targeted view of the exact data you want to analyse.

For example, if you wanted to see your keywords ranked between 10-20, with a specific tag, that had a Search Volume of over 100 you would set your filters as follows:

Set the Rank filter using the “Between” option.

Blog Rank 1.

Select your tag or tags, and then whether you wish to include All (you can use Any if you have included multiples tags on the filter) or none (so exclude all from your view).

Blog Post Tags

And set your last filter Search Volume more than 100.

Blog Post - Searches

This will then bring you the data according to those specific parameters.

If you want to save this view, or specific set of filters to view again, then you can save this as a “Segment” and this will be saved in your “Saved Segments” list, available to view and apply whenever and wherever you are within your account.

You can use each filter as many times as you like with different settings.

Blog Post Saved Segments

To return to your filter-free data simply click “Reset Segment” or click on “Default”.

Read more about Filtering and Segments in our Help Article section.

Improved Team Collaboration

The filtering and segmentation features also means that team members and fellow users can use same filters within the account, streamlining internal communication and ensuring that the benefits of this advanced level of analysis are communicated throughout your team.

As well as the Saved Segment option, collaboration is further enhanced with the possibility to share your view via URL. The parameters of your filters are now saved within the URL so you can simply copy the URL of the page you are viewing, that you wish to share with another team member and send them the link.

They will then be able to see the exact same data as you without the requirement to manually apply the filters again for each browser.

Our Notes function is particularly popular with teams and this has been updated and can be found on the drop down menu on the Keywords page.

Blog Post Notes

Historical Insights

From the main Keywords page, you can view the history of ranking changes for any given keyword and view how the SERP looked on any date selected from when you began tracking your keywords with AccuRanker.

We are now storing over 20GB of search data, every day, which enables us to bring you a significant amount of historical insight to add context and depth to your analysis.

Blog Post Historical Data

On the summary page you will be able to view the Search Date, Rank on that given date, SoV and the URL. Add and remove competitors from the view as desired.

To view the exact SERP then you can click on the magnifying glass icon on the far left to bring up a copy of how the page looked on any given day. Allowing you to compare not only rankings, but the positioning of other elements and features on the page.

And still there is more to come......  

We are not done yet. We still have EVEN MORE awesome brand new features to bring you.

Stay tuned for more info, including all new Landing Pages, Tag Overview, new look Reporting ....

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