As promised, we are thrilled to bring you more information about the new AccuRanker system that will be going live at the beginning of 2018.

We have highlighted a few of the key elements that will bring the biggest improvements in how you are able to view and work with your data, with further links to the more in-depth Help Articles that are being provided to ensure your transition to the new system is pain free and seamless.

New Dashboard

The new Dashboard provides you with a stunning visual overview of the status of all of your Domains at a glance.

The data summits you can see are your Share of Voice statistics, both in a line graph format and split into numerical format for desktop, mobile and total - for further analysis, next to these figures in numerical format is the increase or decrease of the Share of Voice since the last update and then this figure represented again as a percentage.

Dashboard 1

Next to this is the Ranking Distribution data summit which shows how many of your keywords are ranked for positions 1 -3, how many of your keywords are ranked from 4 -10 and so on according to a colour coded scheme.

Dashboard 5

From the Dashboard, you can also navigate straight to your Overview page, view your keyword notifications and edit and delete your main domain data.

Filtering and Saved Segments

One of the most groundbreaking elements of the new AccuRanker system is the extensive filtering and segmentation capabilities that are now available.

Using the filtering and saved segments functions enables you to analyse your data at a high level, or drill right down to uncover deeper insights.

Filter 1

Use the filters available in the drop down menu to create a customized view of what you wish to analyse. ​

You can save your view as a segment - a selection of filters that you wish to return to at anytime.  

If you then navigated to another domain, you would continue to see data that was filtered according to these preset filters, or saved segment.

To return to your filter-free data simply click “Reset Segment” or Click on “Default”.

To see a list of all of your saved segments then simply click on the saved segments drop down menu and you will see your list.

Saved Segments

All new Overview Page

The new Overview page is where you can drill down further into your data for a particular domain.

Overview 5

The extensive filtering and saved segments features are available on your Overview page and can be applied to filter the information shown in the data summits.

So for example, if you set the Search Volume filter to <1000, then only the keywords with a search volume of <1000 will be filtered through into your view on the Overview page.

This filter will then apply wherever you navigate to in your account until it is cleared. You will always be able to see which filter you have applied in the filter bar.

Overview 3

Read more about the Overview Page and Filtering and Saved Segments in our Help Articles.

Your Keywords - new features, added insight and deeper analysis.

The new Keywords table has all of the same features and functionalities you are familiar with but with some awesome added extras that seriously increase the level of insight and analysis available for your keywords.

This will enable you to drill down and segment large volumes of data to make it more streamlined, and faster and easier for you and your team to work with.

New Keywords

Some of the exciting new inclusions to the Keyword table include:

CPC - This is the estimated cost per click for this keyword. The data is taken from Google Ads, displayed in USD.

Ad Comp - This displays the competition level on your particular keyword as per Google Ads. Each keyword is allocated a level - Low / Medium / High.

SoV - The Share of Voice figure for the particular keyword is listed here along with the +/- Change from the last refresh.

SERP - The SERP features available for this particular keyword are displayed here.

Keywords 7

To read more about keywords visit the Help Articles about the Keywords page and editing and changing your Keyword Settings and Keyword History and using the Filtering and Saved Segments functions.

Keyword Competitors

With the all new Keyword Competitor page, you are able to see the list of the competitor domains that you have entered and view their activities on your chosen keywords according to whatever parameters you have set with your filters.

Competitor page

To read more about working with your keywords visit the Help section for articles on the Keywords page and the Filtering and Saved Segments functions.

There will be more updates coming your way over the next few days as we release more Help Articles on the new system - so keep your eyes open for more on the site here, the Help Section and in your inbox.

We want to hear from you - tell us what you think, your first impressions, suggestions or any questions you might have.