A brand new system update full of new features and enhanced functionalities is coming in the New Year.

At the start of 2018 we are thrilled to be able to bring you the brand spanking new, fresh and enhanced AccuRanker 2.0.

We will be rolling out a whole host of awesome new features and a new filtering and segmentation system, that will enable you to drill down into your data - current and historical - for a jaw dropping level of analyses and insights never seen before.

The new system will be going live at the beginning of January and will have all of your favourite functionalities BUT with new exciting features that will allow you to elevate your SEO and its ROI to another level.

All existing data will be automatically transferred and there will be a range of online Help Articles available from next week, plus our usual fast and responsive support function will be available 24/7 for any questions.

Coming your way in the new year …

Historical Insight Analysis -  utilising the capabilities of our industry leading big data platform we can bring you SERP data on your keywords from the first day you joined AccuRanker. Allowing you to see the exact SERP data from any given day or date range.

Dashboard of all selected domains - view at a glance the performance of all your domains - their Share of Voice statistics, Ranking Distribution and important notifications on keyword fluctuations.

All New Overview Page  - The all new Overview page is where you find all your key domain specific data in one place. Share of Voice - inc Competitor SoV statistics, Ranking Distribution, Winners and Losers (including all new Share of Voice impact data) and Notifications.

Tag Overview - With this brand new feature you can view all the keywords grouped by tag. For the keywords assigned with that tag you will be able to see essential data including total sum of their Share of Voice and search volume.  

Extensive Filtering and Saved Segments option - You will be able to apply a wide range of filters to your keyword data that will give you detailed view for strategic and in-depth analysis.

If you have a set of filters for a domain that you want to monitor regularly, you can now simply save it as a “Saved Segment” so this specific view will be available whenever you log in.

New Keyword Competitor page - The all new Keyword Competitor page provides a snapshot of the key information for each of your competitors - including a Share of Voice graph, statistics and ranking distribution.

Additions to the Keyword view page - new features added to the Keywords page include CPC, Ad Comp and updated SERP features - allowing you to view every element present on the SERP that ranks for that keyword.

Landing Pages - With our brand new Landing Page feature you will be able to see all keywords are pointing to a specific landing page and a wide range of other statistics including, total Share of Voice, search volume, average time on page, bounce rate, page views, goals and transaction value. You can view this data by location and by desktop and mobile.

With our new structure in place, future updates will be seamlessly integrated into the system.

And this is just the beginning …..  over the course of the coming year we have a whole host of advanced features that we will be rolling out to provide our customers with the ultimate rank tracking tool.    

Keep your eyes open for more information about AccuRanker 2.0 coming soon.

The AccuRanker Team

Drop us a line in the comments below - let us know what you think or feel free to ask any questions you might have about AccuRanker 2.0.