Advanced Metrics are now available for everyone

AccuRanker's main job is to help it's customers succeed, whether you are a e-commerce site, or a large search agency - we want you to get the very best from your subscription.

We have therefore decided to open up all functionalities that were behind the Super Domains as well as tonnes of other cool stuff.

New plans

We decided to make our plan structure as simple as possible, to make it easy for you to choose - so now we have just 4 plans available.

We start with our Basic plan which is a plan for users that want basic functionality and up to 500 keywords.

From there upwards the only difference in the plans is the amount of keywords that you need.

SO YES ...  that means all of the awesome Advanced Metrics that were previously only available to those who had upgraded to a Super Domain - are now available to everyone on the Professional, Expert and Enterprise plans.

Pricing 2

Key Advanced Metrics now available include :

API access

Professional, Expert and Enterprise will now have API access to all their data.

We are currently working on a Export to Google Sheets, and Google Data studio, a long with many other cool 3rd part application which will make it easy for you to share the data between your favorite marketing tools.  

Read more here - API documentation

Unlimited users

Professional, Expert and Enterprise accounts now have the possibility to invite all colleagues to the AccuRanker account as we've decided to open up for unlimited user access.

Read more here - How to invite a user

Sub accounts

You now have the possibility to create a sub account for a client or within your own company.

You can also request access to an existing AccuRanker account, and manage it through your own account.

Infinity loading

Showing all your data can be difficult, one thing is to pull everything out of the database, another thing is to render hundreds of rows within your browser - it can make even the most powerful computer seem like an old IBM 5150.

Our engineers have solved this problem by introducing infinity loading to many of our long data lists, including our keyword list.

Now you can just keep scrolling until you eventually hit the very bottom, with no delay or rendering issues with your browser - It's freaking awesome and makes working with large volumes of data quicker and easier ... !

Infinete Loader

Also now available are increased competitors - 10 per domain, daily and on-demand updates, Landing Pages and Tag Cloud features and Share of Voice Pro.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your current plan, or if you are curious to take a look at the Advanced Metrics and don't yet have an account then why not open a FREE trial account with us, valid for 14 days.

Take a deep dive into what AccuRanker can do for your business or agency - our outstanding Customer Support team are ready to help you out with any questions you may have.


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