We at AccuRanker are proud to announce the launch of our brand new Google Grump Rating!

Intrigued? You should be.

You can now monitor fluctuations with our rank tracker, as well as easily pinpoint and predict upcoming updates, in Google’s rankings with the Grump graph.

Why’s it different to other Google indexes?

The unique Grump Rating not only allows users to filter by time, but by device and country too.

You can also sign up to email notifications to ensure you never miss a mood swing and be the first to know when a Google update is likely on the way.

Ratings are broken down into moods, covering:

  • Chilled: when all is calm.
  • Cautious: when changes are normal, but beware, if the Grump rating shows an upward trend, Googles' mood is likely to change.
  • Grumpy: when rankings are fluctuating more than usual.
  • Furious: if Google’s looking livid, rankings are going wild and it’s likely an update is taking place.

The technical bit:

AccuRanker’s unique algorithm detects the top 100 results per keyword, calculating the average number of rank changes.

It monitors 28,000 randomly selected keywords, split equally by mobile and desktop.

Upon a result:

AccuRanker loops all 100 rankings, comparing them to the day before.

If a URL has moved position, it is subtracted from its place the day prior.

The final index number for a given keyword is then worked out by calculating the sum of all the differences, and dividing this by the number of results (normally 100).

Each keyword index is then compared and averaged to give you Google’s Grump Rating!

Stay ahead by signing up for Grump notifications and let us know what you think by commenting below.