Did Your Local Rank Tracking Stop Working? Ours Works.

As you may have heard, recently Google made it a lot harder to track local rankings.

Here at AccuRanker, our local tracking works just fine.

AccuRanker Google local keywords working: Showing local results

If your current rank tracker is having issues with local rankings, you can easily switch to AccuRanker. We’ll even offer you 20% off for doing so!

Enter LOCAL20OFF for 20% off your first three months with us. Click here to see our pricing.

Also, if you pay for a year upfront, you’ll save a further 20% (for the whole year); meaning for the first three months you’ll save 40%!

We also have an importer for other rank tracking software, making your transfer even smoother. Get in touch to arrange for any transfer software and we’ll help free of charge.

Get in touch for more details on transferring, or opening, an account today.