Across your account you have the opportunity to "Upgrade to a Super Domain". Take a look at what this means and see why it will open up limitless possibilities for your rank tracking and SEO.

By upgrading to one of the brand new Super Domain packages you will get access to a whole host of awesome features that allow targeted, in-depth analysis and accelerated insight so you can really take your rank tracking to another level.

What is a Super Domain?

There are 3 options available with a Super Domain - Bronze, Gold and Silver.

Restricted Access Image

Extended View

Extended View gives you access to advanced metrics across the system. By upgrading your domain to a Super Domain package you will be able to see the full range of features on the Overview, Keyword Competitor, Tag Cloud and Landing Pages sections.

Previously restricted data will become immediately available including Share Of Voice on keyword level, Average Time Spent, Bounce Rate and Goals allows you to focus in on the keywords that are driving the most traffic and those that need the most attention.

Tag cloud & Landing pages

Tag cloud overview

You have the ability to track all your keywords on either tag or landing page level, and if you use your filter, you can narrow in on a certain tag and be able to compare that specific segment to your competitors.

Increased Competitors

We know that keeping one step ahead of the competition is essential, so we have included the option to increase your number of Competitors from 1 on the standard package to either 5, 10 or 20 depending on the upgrade that you select.

SERP History

You can view the exact SERP for the results on any of your keywords - but if you need to run comparisons or see how the page has changed since last week then you will need to see your SERP History.

Select from 7 days history available with the Bronze Domain, or unlimited SERP History for the Silver and Gold Domains.

SERP History Upload

Share of Voice Pro

The additional Share of Voice features allow you to explore and analyse your keywords to understand the story behind your data. By upgrading to a package to include Share of Voice Pro you will get access to the following features -

Detailed Share of Voice information at the Keyword level - this includes the Share of Voice options across the account - applicable to individual, groups and filtered keywords.

Want more metrics screenshot

Share of Voice details per keyword..! Drill down into the statistics even further by identifying the specific keyword movements responsible for bumps and dips in data and track where and why the movements are occurring.

There are even more Share of Voice analytics available the Overview section where you can see:

Share of Voice Potential - see both your and your competitor's Share of Voice for the entire domain, or specific filtered keyword segments e.g. Your and your competitors Share of Voice for all keywords ranked between 1 - 10 in London. You can also see untracked the Share of Voice you could compete for.

Share of Voice Tags - see the Share of Voice figures for the combined total of all keywords with tags in your account.

Share of Voice Landing Pages - See detailed data about your Share of Voice of all the Landing Pages combined in a specific domain.

Which features do I get with my upgrade?

There are some key differences between the packages

Bronze Domain

  • Extended View
  • 5 Competitors,
  • 7 days SERP History
  • Share Of Voice Pro

Silver Domain

  • Extended View
  • 10 Competitors
  • Unlimited SERP History
  • Share Of Voice Pro
  • API Access

Gold Domain

  • Extended View
  • 20 Competitors
  • Unlimited SERP History
  • Share Of Voice Pro
  • API Access.

Please note: API Access is only available for Silver & Gold Domains.
API 1.0 will still be available to existing customers with API enabled,

API 2.0 which will have extended search possibility, and advanced filtering options, will be launched in march 2018, which will leave the API 1.0 deprecated, and no longer supported.


The pricing starts from 14.95$ for a domain.

You are still able to add unlimited domains in AccuRanker at no additional costs, but when you need to get that extra insight, and pump up the value to your client to help you make the right decisions, we highly recommend upgrading to a super domain.

Super domain packages

Instant Access, Hassle Free

It is unbelievably simple to upgrade - just make sure you are in the domain that you want to upgrade, click one of the "Upgrade to Super Domain" buttons, select your package and that's it...!!

You get immediate access to all the exciting features you have selected and your monthly payment will be updated automatically.

Simply click "Upgrade to Super Domain", and you're off .....!