Update 19 February 2017 – our rank tracker has seen more movement, exactly 10 days on from the last movement, which may seem like Google is testing part of an algorithm.

There are most changes on Mobile – we’ve seen more activity than on 9th which would indicate a larger test or a rollout of a mobile algorithm related to Google AMP.

Google Grump mood swings february 19

On 9th of February 2016 – we’ve seen a huge increase in ranking fluctuations, but only on mobile on Google Grump, our SERP rank tracking monitoring tool.

The desktop ratings are looking steady, which indicates that Google’s update is focused on mobile ranking signals.

This could be another move from Google in boosting rankings of mobile friendly websites or boosting AMP enabled sites, which caused this fluctuation.

Below is the United States screenshot for Mobile rankings, you can see the spike today:

Google Grump rating United States February 2016

Similarly, for the United Kingdom and Australia, there is a visible spike today, on mobile only.

Google Grump ratings United Kingdom february 2016

We also monitor the following European countries which all saw a spike:

  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • France

If you’re seeing your mobile rankings move, please let us know in the comments and say if your site is mobile friendly according to Google too.

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