On 6th of January, we’ve experienced a large fluctuation across 6,000 US keywords within AccuRanker’s Google Grump.

This could be a rollout of Google Penguin that was promised in January, without a release date.

Google Grump (our Google algorithm early alert system) is showing as ‘Grumpy’ in the US for Mobile and Desktop alike. This indicates a huge movement, compared to the usual days. Portrayed by a dark orange bar in the graph below.

Google Grump rating mood swings January 2015

We’ll update this story daily. It is likely that tomorrow or next week we’ll see a similar increase in ranking fluctuation across European countries we monitor.

On the Google Grump page, you can sign up for instant alerts to be notified when the changes happen.

Update: 11th January 2016

Following the weekend, there was a huge spike on Saturday in fluctuation across all countries. Below is a screenshot from the US, the spike is on 9th January (Saturday):

Google Penguin January 2016

The spike was even more noticeable in Australia:

Google Grump rating mood swings Australia January 2016

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and provide updates in this post.

Further updates to what the update was: