It would appear that Google has now removed the possibility to set the location search filter option from search results.

The useful search filter was one of the filters available to us to help us find more refined search results for the queries that we were after. By selecting the location option we were able to display the search results of the blogs and sites based on the country selected. Particularly handy for agencies located in one country with a client based in another and were running an online campaign for the client targeting their location based websites.

A Google spokesperson has come out and said that the tool has been removed due to the relative lack of use of the feature and that they are instead focussing on other features.

It is also worth noting that AccuRanker’s geo location results are not affected by this update.

Here’s a screenshot made today for ‘hairdressers’ for Yelp in London, UK:

Hairdressers Local London

And here’s a screenshot made today for ‘pizza’ for Dominos in US:

PIzza Dominos

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