Many Google results will not only include organic results but consist of local results and YouTube videos in addition to the organic results.

There are several ways to calculate your position, and some clients might be local only while others don’t care about local results. Either way, you can configure AccuRanker to count the ranks as you like. When you add your keywords, you can check these two options:

AccuRanker ignore local while adding keywords

If you check “Ignore local results” all local results are ignored and not counted in the rank. That means that position number 1 will always be the first organic results. Without this checked, the first three positions will often be local results and organic will start from #4. The same goes for “Ignore YouTube results”.

Google SERP showing local results on keyword: pizza

With “Ignore local results” checked, the ranks starts at the first organic result (the yellow numbers). If it’s unchecked the ranks start at the first result (red numbers), often a local one.

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Written in conjunction with industry expert Alexandra Tachalova.