Our new Share of Voice Feature for our rank tracker is now live. We have put together some guidelines on how users can get the most out of it.

Share of voice

How is it calculated?

We know exactly how much traffic each of the tracked keywords should be getting from the know CTR for the monthly search volume.

All the data is calculated and put on to a simple graph that will quickly show you rankings and if your organic efforts are paying off or not. Or show you if you have been affected positively or negatively by the many Google updates

Measure against competitors

AccuRanker's Share Of Voice is absolutely perfect to show how well you are performing against your competitors, or if your competitors suddenly are growing rapidly.

Share of voice competitors

What about branded keywords?

Share Of Voice will not give a perfect picture if you included your branded keywords since your competitors will never rank for those.

AccuRanker has solved this issue by letting you chose which keywords you want to exclude in your Share Of Voice calculation.

Keyword settings
Ignore share of voice

Mobile & desktop

With AccuRanker's Share Of Voice you will be able to show both for Desktop and for Mobile keywords - Now you will know for sure if you've been hit by Google's new mobile index.

Final words

This new feature is available to all users no matter what plan you are on - read more about the features available here.

You can also keep up to date with changes made to our tool by visiting our Changelog.