AccuRanker has developed an API to enable users and agencies to get the maximum value from their subscriptions.

Use of our API comes with some legal restrictions and in order to make it easy to understand the “Do’s and Don't's” we have created a simple guide to answer any questions below.  

The Do’s

You may use the API internally within your organisation, as a group or for individual employees.

You may share data on a dashboard internally with colleagues employed within your organisation.

You may export data to a third party tool to where only you and your team have access.

For example

  • You may export data into a CSV file to share on your company intranet.

The Don'ts

You may not share live AccuRanker data or ways to access live AccuRanker data with a client, customer or 3rd party user.

For example

  • You may not give clients or 3rd party users access to your AccuRanker dashboard.
  • You may not create a duplicate dashboard with live AccuRanker data on to share with clients, customers or 3rd party users.  

Partner Accounts

We are aware that many agencies create custom dashboards to increase transparency for their clients.

We do not permit live AccuRanker data via our API or any other means to be included in these.

However, we recognise the need for agencies to be able to share data with their clients so have created a solution to meet this need.

What should we do as an Agency?

Step 1 - Enable your partner account (see below for step by step instructions on how to do this).

Step 2 -  Invite your customer to create their own AccuRanker account.

Step 3 - Once they have their own subscription you can invite them to your partner account.

Step 4 - The API key for the partner account can now be used for all accounts attached to your partner account, making it fast and simple to connect multiple customers to your custom dashboard.

Step 5 - Add this HTML to your dashboard at the bottom.



<div  class="accuranker-widget"></div>


<script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>


How to Enable a Partner Account

1. Click "Account" in the left-hand column

2. Click "Organization settings"

Click account

3. Click the tab "Partner Account"

4. Click "Enable Partner Account"

5. Click "Save"

Enable partner account

Now there should be 2 new items showing.

- Accounts Icon in the left-hand menu column

- Drop-down menu where you can list all the connected accounts

Partner account final

Now you can invite new clients with AccuRanker subscriptions to your partner account.

Partner account view

And that's it ..!

Final Words

If you still unsure how you may use our API then please refer to our Terms of Use. Please contact our Legal Team with any specific questions or use the comments field below.  

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