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How can I change keyword settings in AccuRanker?

If you need to change the settings for a keyword, for example ignoring the Local Pack, see the steps below:

Step 1)

Go to the keywords list and mark the keywords you want to change settings for. 

Step 2)

Click on “Edit keywords” and select “Change settings”.

Step 3)

Enable the settings you wish to apply.

Ignore in Share of Voice – Excludes this keyword from the Share of Voice calculation.

Ignore Local Pack – If selected, any local results found on the SERP will not be included in the ranking positions on AccuRanker.

Ignore Featured Snippets – Similar to ‘Ignore Local Pack’, this option means any Featured Snippets won’t be included in the ranking positions on AccuRanker.

Enable autocorrect – By checking this box, Google Autocorrect will be enabled for this keyword.

, Changing Keyword Settings
Changing Keyword Settings / How to change Keyword Settings in AccuRanker
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, Changing Keyword Settings


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