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Profile settings allow you to access and change general information held on your account. This can include: Name, Email and Password. But perhaps more interestingly, you can set certain defaults that make your work flow faster. 

How can I find my profile settings in AccuRanker?

In the top right corner, hover your mouse over your profile picture and select ‘Profile’.

Where can I change the keywords page and ‘compare to’ parameters?

In the profile settings you can change the default keywords page and ‘Compare to’ parameter. 

You might prefer to compare between days, weeks or months. Alternatively you might want to access your keywords list first when entering your domain. This can all be changed here.

Where can I change my profile information in AccuRanker?

It’s also possible to change your user information in the Profile section of AccuRanker.

, Changing Profile Settings
Changing Profile Settings / Updating passwords and email addresses in AccuRanker
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, Changing Profile Settings


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