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Upgrading or downgrading your current subscription in AccuRanker

Where can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription in AccuRanker?

Go to Account -> Subscription -> Change plan

Choose the plan you want to upgrade/downgrade to.

, Changing Subscriptions

And you’re done!

What happens after I’ve upgraded or downgraded in AccuRanker?

If you’re upgrading

Your new plan will be active immediately, and you will pay the difference between what is left on your old subscription and the new one. 

If you’re downgrading

You will keep your current subscription until the next payment. From here you will then be switched to the new plan.

If you want to downgrade, but the downgraded plan is “Unavailable”

If the plan you wish to downgrade to appears as unavailable, this is either because you have too many users or keywords on your account to downgrade. 

Simply remove the necessary users and/or keywords so that your account meets the requirements of the new plan. 
To learn more about removing keywords, click here to read our article on how to do so.

, Changing Subscriptions
Changing Subscriptions / Upgrading or downgrading your current subscription in AccuRanker
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, Changing Subscriptions


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