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Last updated on Wednesday, December 22, 2021

What is AccuRanker’s tag cloud?

The Tag Cloud gives you extra data on your tags. This includes valuable insights like Share of Voice, Analytics data and more for your tags.

To see in-depth data such as Share of Voice and analytics, you’ll need a subscription with a thousand keywords or more. To learn more about prices and features, visit our pricing page.

Important note: Using the Tag Cloud means that you already need to use tags to categorise your keywords.

How do I get started with AccuRanker’s tag cloud?

To access the Tag Cloud, simply go into the respective domain and select the Tag Cloud tab.

Once in the Tag Cloud, you’ll see a number of columns. These are described below:


Tag shows you a list of all your tags. Any keywords that are untagged can be found in the “All untagged keywords” section.


The Keywords column shows the number of keywords in AccuRanker that have that specific tag attached to them.

Keywords that have several tags will count towards the keyword count of all tags.

Search Volume

Search Volume is calculated by combining the monthly Search Volume of keywords that are marked with a particular tag.


SoV means ‘Share of Voice’, and shows the Share of Voice for the keywords marked with each tag.

Cost Value

Cost value is calculated using the combined Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for all keywords on each tag. Hover your mouse over the amount to get the average number.

Avg. time spent

Average time spent is calculated by the time spent on the URLs that the keywords in each tag point towards.

Avg. load time

Similarly, average load time is the average loading time of the URLs that each keyword in the tag points towards.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who instantly navigate away from the domain without clicking any other pages. The calculation is made by taking an average from the URLs associated with the tagged keywords.


How many times a URL has fulfilled a goal in Google Analytics. Goals are decided by you and can be defined in Analytics. These are calculated by monitoring the URLs that each tagged keyword is pointing towards.


This is calculated by showing how much revenue each Tag has generated. If this figure shows $0 then this may be because Google Analytics is attributing the revenue to your checkout URL.

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