In AccuRanker you can monitor which landing page Google is ranking for your keywords, as well as determining the preferred URL for each keyword. 

Setting up Preferred URLs, can help you monitor if the customers are getting the intended experience when clicking on your website in the SERP. This can help improving user experience, reduce bounce rate, as well as increase average session time. 

With that said, let's get started shall we?

Step 1) 

Go the Keywords list of the domain you want to set Preferred URLs for.

Step 2)

Click the yellow dot to the right of the URL, you want to set a Preferred URL for. 

Step 3)

Select the path for the Preferred URL. You can either select from the sub-menu or type in the path yourself.

And you're done! 

The previously yellow dot will now turn red or green, which depends on whether the Preferred URL matches with the URL the Search Engine is pointing at.

Green means that the Preferred URL, matches the landing page in the Search Engine.

Red indicates the opposite, that the Preferred URL does not match with the actual landing page. 

Our own recommendation, is look through your keywords and set preferred URLs for the keywords, where the landing page isn't the correct one.

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