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With AccuRanker your keyword rankings are updated every 24 hours to provide fresh data on a daily basis.

How do I manually refresh all keyword data in AccuRanker?

Simply go to the keywords list and hit the orange “Refresh all” button.


Keywords can only be manually updated two hours after their last update.

How can I refresh individual keywords in AccuRanker?

Users can find the manual refresh button to the far right of each keyword. It looks the same as the ‘refresh all’ button, only without the orange background. Clicking this button updates individual keywords.

As well as providing daily data we also offer keyword history so you can go back and see any changes in ranking for specific dates. Click here to learn more. 

, Refreshing Keywords
Refreshing Keywords / How to refresh individual and/or all keywords in AccuRanker
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, Refreshing Keywords


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