At AccuRanker, we offer several ways for you to update your keywords, regardless of your subscription. Just want to get daily updates? Or perhaps refresh your rankings for a domain? Or maybe you just want to refresh a single keyword? AccuRanker offers all possibilities.

Automatic keyword updates

Your keywords will always be automatically updated every 24 hours, in order to give you daily data on your rankings. 

If you want to see when your keywords update, click on "table settings" and enable "time ago", by doing so you will be able to see when your keywords were updated

Manual keyword updates

You also have the option to manually refresh all your keywords. The only rule for manually updating all keywords, is that manual updates are disabled when keywords were updated less than 2 hours ago.

You can update all keywords by clicking the orange "refresh" button;

You can also update individual keywords by clicking the smaller refresh icon in the right side.

Common questions

No, automatic updates run on their own schedule, this is to ensure best possible performance throughout the day.

Do manual updates have an effect when automatic updates happen?

No, automatic updates run on their own schedule regardless of when you manually update your keywords. 

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