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How can I view my entire keyword history in AccuRanker?

If you want to track the history of a specific keyword, go to the respective Domain and go to the Keywords list.

, Keyword and SERP history

To view the complete keyword history, simply click a specific keyword in the AccuRanker keywords list view.

From here, you can view the entire ranking history and the given landing pages for those ranks. You can also click on your competitors to view their ranking history.

, Keyword and SERP history

What Advanced Metrics and Share of Voice Pro benefits does AccuRanker offer?

Customers with subscriptions of a thousand keywords or more have the added benefit of accessing SERP history as well as Share of Voice data in the keywords history page.

Spotting changes in the SERPs can help explain changes outside organic rankings, such as Adwords, Snippets, Titles and Descriptions. 

Share of Voice data helps identify the keyword’s significance over time as it also takes Search Volume changes into consideration. 

Click here to learn more about Share of Voice.

, Keyword and SERP history
Keyword and SERP History / How to see your entire Keyword Ranking and Landing Page History in AccuRanker
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, Keyword and SERP history


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