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How Local Packs are counted in AccuRanker and why you should add your Google Business Name

Should I add my Google Business Name in AccuRanker?

To enable AccuRanker to track local results, even without URLs in the local pack, you should add a Google Business Name to the domain.

As seen in the GIF below, you can add your Google Business Name in the Domain settings. 

How can I track Local Packs in AccuRanker?

Unless you’re ignoring local packs for your keywords, SERPs containing Local Packs will count as rank 1, 2 and 3.

If you don’t add your Google Business Name in AccuRanker, we won’t be able to give a ranking in local packs. More specifically, you risk getting inaccurate data.

Want to see which of your keywords contain Local Packs in the SERP? Click here to read our article about the SERP column.

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