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Request access to other AccuRanker accounts

How do I request access to another AccuRanker account?

In AccuRanker you can gain access to different people’s accounts with their permission. This comes in handy for agencies that have clients with an existing subscription. 

Step 1)

Go to “Account” and click “Enable sub-accounts”.

Step 2)

Go to the new “Sub-Accounts” menu, and click on the button labelled “Request Access to another account”.

Step 3)

A pop up will appear, asking you to fill in some details. Remember that the email address you enter has to be connected to an existing AccuRanker account.

If you want to create a new sub-account, follow this guide instead.

Step 4)

Once the request has been sent, the account owner should receive an email detailing your request. 

Meanwhile you can keep an eye on all the requests you’ve sent by clicking on “Accounts Requests”.

Once the account owner confirms, you will be able to access the account in the “Sub-Accounts” menu. 

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