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Anders Bjerre
Partner - SEO Specialist

The fastest SERP tool available

“The fastest SERP tool available”

SEO is often described as a game of tools and AccuRanker is one tool I would not be without, when handling large numbers of keywords for our clients. I use to work with Ranker-Tracker and was more than pleased when I changed to AccuRanker, which is not only the fastest SERP tool available but also very accurate. Two important factors when working with SERP analysis. I would recommend AccuRanker to both agencies and companies who work with continues tracking of organic rankings in Googles SERP.

Bernt Elkjær-Pedersen
Online Marketing Manager

Easy and fast – the best tool I have tried

“Easy and fast – the best tool I have tried”

I have tried many tools for keyword tracking, and AccuRanker is my favorite. It is really easy to use, and it is really fast. It provides me an effective overview of my domains and campaigns to follow trends on a daily basis. I can highly recommend AccuRanker to everyone.

Brian Jackson
Inbound Marketing

Took our SEO to Another Level

“Took our SEO to Another Level”

We have used quite a few tools for tracking SERPs and keywords as part of our content marketing effort. And there was always something missing. It wasn’t until we found AccuRanker that we were completely satisfied. It has increased our productivity. The powerful filters, tagging, instant checks, integration with GSC, multiple URL detection per keyword, accurate search volume, and notes, are all features we now can’t live without. AccuRanker really has taken our SEO efforts to another level.

Ned Poulter
CEO & Founder

Great Features at an Affordable Cost

“Great Features at an Affordable Cost”

Having used a large number of keyword rank tracking tools available (probably all of the known brands, and more!), I can honestly say Accuranker provides a number of great features, in a slick and well-developed product. Most importantly to many, it manages to achieve this without the need to spend a high monthly subscription. It easily matches the features of the other leading keyword rank trackers that I have used, and in some cases betters them. Our team have found great use for it and it is integrated with our monthly client reporting.

Eugene Alcide
Digital Marketing Executive

The go-to SERP tool for digital

“The go-to SERP tool for digital”

We have been using AccuRanker for nearly a year now, ultimately this rank tracker is fast, reliable, innovative, but more importantly precise. It has been effective for reporting back to management with its scheduled weekly reports feature, whilst also staying robust by allowing us to track competitor’s positions in relation to which keywords we track. I would urge anyone operating within the digital space to implement this software for SERP analysis.

Christian Harboe

The most intuitive tool on the market

“The most intuitive tool on the market”

We have just changed our current Rank-Tracker at MOZ to AccuRanker and have discovered a much better tool. We have found a tool that is really easy to use and to setup. The tool has all the features you need to keep track of your keywords. The system crawl the keywords within few minutes, and gives you an instant answer on how your company is performing ranking wise. I recommend this tool to all e-commerce businesses.

Henrik Bondtofte
SEO Specialist

Intuitive and easy to use

“Intuitive and easy to use”

I have been working professionally with SEO for almost 10 years. During that time I have tried numerous different rank checking software’s and have always been looking for something more intuitive and more ease of use and I finally found that, thanks to Accuranker. The integrations with Google Analytics and Search Console are simply awesome, they give a great insight and makes sure that you do not overlook any potential keywords. Also the tool is great for reporting purposes, the visual presentation is you clean and neat! I sincerely recommend this rank tracking software for both personal website owners and professionals.

Jakob Vedel
CEO - Search specialist

Very effective SERP tool

“Very effective SERP tool”

Fast – Reliable – Precise. These are the 3 most important factors for me when choosing what tool to use to track our clients progress in the organic search results. AccuRanker excels in all three areas making it a valued tool for our company. AccuRanker also keeps adding new features that provides their clients with increased value for money.

Samantha Noble
Marketing Director

Upcoming rank tracking software

“Upcoming rank tracking software”

We have been using AccuRanker for the past few months and the team have so much good stuff to say about it. Not only do the ranking seem accurate, there are a lot of added features within the platform making reporting on the data very effective. With any new tool, there are some recommendations of features that we have put forward and AccuRanker have been very receptive to these ideas and we are hopeful that they will be implemented in the near future.

Tina Halkjær Jensen
CEO - Digital Marketing Expert

The best tool on the market

“The best tool on the market”

I`ve been using Accuranker since day one and was already impressed by the speed then. Since then the features that has been implemented has made the tool stronger and more competetive. Further more the service and delivering of requested features has been excellent. I`ve already recommended the tool to other agencies and only have positive things to say about the tool and the team behind.

Arthur Wilson
Digital Marketing Specialist

Accuranker’s Powerful Reporting

“Accuranker’s Powerful Reporting”

Accuranker is a fantastic keyword tracking tool that is ever growing and evolving. It's powerful whitepaper reports are a great addition and a real plus point which marks the software as a must-have for SEO agencies.

Jack Stonehouse
Freelance SEO Consultant

Amazing! Quick, Easy and Great Support

“Amazing! Quick, Easy and Great Support”

Accuranker goes above and beyond in every way possible. I can check 3000 keywords in less than a minute, with accurate results. The support team have always been able to answer any issues I have. I highly recommend this rank tracker to everyone!

Vikram Rathod
Sr. SEO Consultant

Very much helpful and highly recommended

“Very much helpful and highly recommended”

A value for money tool without a doubt and this is tool which I open when on priority tab when get started my system everyday in the morning. Simply superb and can't live without checking AccuRanker everyday. Provides exact position when search manually and cross check with the tool. The only thing I would suggest to add more customization options in reporting area. However we are very much satisfied with the current one but if it has more option that we don't need to change some things while reporting to our client.

Paul Thornton
SEO Specialist

Good product – a couple of improvements and it would be great

“Good product – a couple of improvements and it would be great”

I really like Accuranker, it's easy to use and gets us the results that we need. It could be improved a bit, with the following 3 things: a) When you export a report, it doesn't tell you whether it's desktop, mobile or both - meaning you have to work it out b) You can't export competitors results, nor can you see them historical c) You can't see different time periods in the graphs - you should be able to increase your time frame or graph based on a specific date range (as you would in GA) If you could sort those 3 things out, it would be the best ranking provider out there.

Emma North
Digital Marketing Executive

Efficient and Intuitive

“Efficient and Intuitive”

AccuRanker is a much slicker and more effective rank tracking programme than those I've used before. It makes it easy to monitor rankings, produce reports and identify issues. In addition, when things need updating (such a the addition of mobile rank tracking), the team are great at reacting fast and updating the tool.

Ashish Ahuja
Director - Organic SEO

Accurate, Technologically Advanced Rank Tracker with Excellent Support

“Accurate, Technologically Advanced Rank Tracker with Excellent Support”

I am not a person to give 5 stars to any product easily. I am an internet marketing veteran and had used various rank trackers including industry's leader at the time I moved to AccuRanker and I have not looked at anything else since then. The rank tracking is very accurate, especially country wise tracking and is the most technologically advanced ranking IMHO. The UI is very intuitive and modern. The reports are good. But the support is exemplary. I have seen AccuRanker evolve in terms of its UI and reports from average to excellent because these people listen to their customers and implement the features. The rank tracking was excellent since the beginning but now the whole system has become polished and very intuitive. I know one thing for sure if they keep up the good work i.e. "I am not leaving them for long time to come"

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