Blog post: Cross-platform Integrations
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Cross-Platform Integration

People who say ‘a jack of all trades is a master of none’ clearly haven’t been using AccuRanker! Cross-platform integration is very important in today’s SEO space and, as you probably know, useful metrics stretch far beyond website hits and keyword rankings.

This is why AccuRanker offers a variety of integration features.

Social Media Integration

You can set up AccuRanker to monitor Google+ profiles, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other social media. Metrics, such as page likes and followers for example, can be tracked. This is particularly useful to highlight to your clients, how your SEO efforts are benefiting them beyond impacting positively on the traditional metrics. – And we know what this means, more business for you!

Site Tools Integration

Make the most of AccuRanker’s intelligent integration features by linking up your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts for example. The former gives you great advanced data processing with stats, such as engine traffic vs. keyword positioning for example, and the latter will give you the opportunity to import the keywords your site is getting impressions from. Combining these two tools under one roof, will save you time and provide you with even more powerful insights.

AccuRanker is designed to make your life easier and with so many great integration features it can easily become your one-stop-shop for all things SEO!

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