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Faster Rank Tracking

The rank tracking functionality of AccuRanker is designed to work with both Google and Bing. By using AccuRanker you will automate the process of looking up how your keywords rank on both search engines with up-to-the-second updates.

It is therefore no surprise that AccuRanker will reduce the amount of time you spend on monitoring the rank progression of your keywords. The best part is that logically this will allow you to either manage more keywords or focus on other tasks.

Highly Localized Results

What’s more is that AccuRanker also lets you take care of the ever-increasing focus on local listings by offering localized search engine rankings for your keywords.

First of all, you can select different versions of Google or Bing, for example such as Australia, Canada or any other country-specific Google page. Secondly, you even can specify a city or multiple cities within the country of interest.

There are very few rank trackers out there offering this level of localization, and we think that none of them do this as effectively as AccuRanker but we ask you to be the judge of that.

Clear & Concise Reports

Similar to you probably, we like good data but this is usually not enough – we also want this data to be well presented and easily digestible. This is why we have designed AccuRanker to make sure you get vital information in as little time as possible. The focus is on essential information presented in an easy to absorb way.

You can also customize your reports and if you have a specific need, we’re here to listen to your requests.

Automatic Domain-Wide Tracking

Another great and time-saving feature of AccuRanker is the automatic domain-wide tracking. Just provide the base URL for your site, such as for example, and automatically any sub-pages that rank for your keywords will also be tracked. There is no need to provide sitemaps or specific URLs!

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