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Aggregated SERP Analysis

Get the full overview of which SERP features your website owns across all of your keywords in a single view

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AccuRanker tracks every SERP feature available, all the way from “Frequently Asked Questions” to “Job snippets”. Search engine algorithms change all the time, causing certain SERP features to suddenly become more prominent among your keywords.

AccuRanker’s Aggregated SERP Analysis shows your owned SERP feature distribution so you can easily follow which SERP features you dominate. With AccuRanker’s Aggregated SERP Analysis tool, you can spot these trends right away. Stay ahead of the competition by securing your spot at the top of the SERPs before others catch on, and monitor how many of your keywords appear in specific SERP features.

Own = Your website is ranking on this feature

Get an overview of all possible SERP features

SERP Feature Ownership

Here you see the SERP features that your website can rank for, and the proportion of which your website owns over all your added keywords. 

Each column represents a SERP feature. By hovering over a column, you will see statistics on how often this feature is found for your keywords, and your potential for your ownership.

Historical Graph

At-a-glance AccuRanker’s Aggregated SERP Analysis shows you how many SERP features you’ve gained over time, easily allowing you to see the progress for each featured snippet. With detailed daily stats, you can see the impact of your optimization right away.

Owned SERP Feature Distribution

Here you’ll see distribution of SERP features that you own, based on the total number of keywords where you own the SERP feature.

Not to compare with SERP Feature Ownership.

Total SERP Feature Overview

Get a complete list of all SERP elements that are available within your keyword segment. It’s not every one that you are able to rank for, but this will give you a really good insight on how the SERP pages are structured.

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