About us

AccuRanker is a state-of-the-art SEO tool for maximizing the search engine marketing and organic reach of the websites and brands. It is developed to help small businesses and brands to outreach the rational boundaries.

AccuRanker is one of the most effective keyword ranking and competition analysis Software in the industry. Features like adding unlimited domains, automatic reporting, in-depth ranking, daily rank updates and competition analysis make this product a compulsory part of any brand’s marketing arsenal. This incredible keyword and ranking analysis tool is equipped with characteristics like speedy performance, quick reporting, team level access, social media integration and API accessibility which render more value to the user.

AccuRanker’s hottest feature is keywords rank tracker that enables any individual or brand to find real-time keywords analytics based on Google and Bing Search Engines. It sharpens the Online Marketing when it gives an automated and timely output against the keywords ranking queries. This tool is designed to keep all factors of SEO, Keywords Analysis and Rank tracking covered under the umbrella. It doesn’t only put you forward for the international competition, but also helps you to keep an eye on the local searches. This is one of the tools that are enriched with such a diversified features and classifications.

Another cutting-edge feature is a highly-qualified reporting system that helps brands to stay focused based on the current brand positioning in the searches.


AccuRanker has come into reality after a historic set of events. It was launched by Henrik & Christian who both studied computer science in Denmark where they met each other.

They had no intention for such a startup as both chose different ways after graduation in 2005 and started the pursuit of destiny. Dansk Supermarked hired Christian as a developer. Later on, Christian moved to eBay Denmark as a senior developer.

Henrik followed the entrepreneurship pathway and kept on working with his email marketing business. Until he came across another opportunity in life – He moved to Romania in 2007 and started developing his private affiliate marketing system to strengthen his entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2010, Henrik moved back to Denmark and started his business in affiliate marketing management company under the label of eTarg Media. Things were changed for both Henrik and Christian when they met again for a reunion after a long time.

In 2012, they decided to join forces and start an SEO Software as a SaaS Service company with the intention in mind that it should revolutionize the industry with its simplicity, high-performance, and low pricing because industry’s most tools were either complicated or expensive.

After a year of brainstorming and development, AccuRanker first beta was released on  March 26, 2013.
Today AccuRanker is one of the industry’s most trusted ranking and keywords analysis tool, with more than 15.000 customers worldwide. Team AccuRanker values the customers’ needs and requirements and keeps on adding new features to the software.

One of the advantages of AccuRanker is, it doesn’t only serve large organizations and big SEO budgets Software companies, but it also vows to be a major marketing arsenal for small businesses, entrepreneurs and websites that want to beat the competition and perform well against the top and competitive keywords of their industries.

Founders of AccuRanker