About us

AccuRanker is a state-of-the-art SEO tool that maximises the search engine marketing and organic reach of websites, brands and businesses. 

It was developed to enable companies and professionals to soar above conventional boundaries.

Recognised internationally as a field leader, AccuRanker is one of the most powerful and advanced keyword ranking and competition analysis software tools in the industry. 

Cutting edge features including in-depth keyword analysis, daily rank updates, competitor analysis, unlimited domains, and both automatic and custom reporting, make this product a must-have tool for brands and marketing teams that want to get results.  

AccuRanker is proud of its position at the forefront of innovation and the tool's performance reflects this with fast and reliable performance, precise reporting, country specific filters, social media integration and API accessibility to provide the ultimate user experience. 


AccuRanker was born out of a historic set of events. It was launched by Henrik & Christian who met at University in Denmark where they both studied Computer Science. 

A SaaS startup was the last thing on their minds after graduation as they both went their separate ways. Christian to Dansk Supermarked and then on eBay Denmark as a Senior Developer, and Henrik to his own email marketing business which included a period in Romania developing a private affiliate marketing system.  

Henrik and Christian were reunited in 2010, when Henrik moved back to Denmark and started a Affiliate Marketing Management company under the label of eTarg Media. 

In 2012, they decided to join forces and start an SEO Software as a Service company (SaaS). They set about developing a tool that would revolutionise the industry with its simplicity, high-performance, and competitive pricing.

After a year of brainstorming, development and hard work, AccuRanker's first beta was released on March 26, 2013.

Today AccuRanker is one of the industry’s most trusted ranking and keywords analysis tools, used by SEO experts and businesses alike with over 15.000 customers worldwide. 

AccuRanker puts the user experience at the top of the list when developing and investing in new features and updates and always welcomes feedback from users. 

Founders of AccuRanker