We’re super excited to launch our new report, and report builder that we’ve been working on for the last couple of months, and we know that many of you guys have been looking forward to this moment as well…..Now the time is finally here! A example of a report can be downloaded here

When we started working on the [...]

The AccuRanker team and I analyzed more than 300,000 local SERPs in the largest US cities – New York, Los Angeles and Chicago – to get a clear answer to the question:

Are Google local packs a survival kit for local businesses? What is the proportion of local and global businesses that  appear in Google local packs?

This research wouldn’t have been possible to conduct without the amazing AccuRanker API, [...]

Now that the many filters has been moved, we’ve made space for a new feature: Historic data.

With this feature you can go back in time and view your previous rankings or compare your current ones to any date.

Please note that auto refreshing is disabled when you’re viewing historic data.

Now you are able to see how many keywords moved up, and how many keywords moved down in a custom date range you choose.

The feature is found on the overview page for a domain.

Please leave any comments below on your thoughts for this new feature.

We’ve updated and improved the way to filter your keywords. It used to look like this:

All that’s left is the all new “Filters” button.

When clicked it will reveal a new row just below the top title row. Each filter input is now placed above the column that it filters and we have added a few extra filter options.

This example is combining two of the new filters. Only [...]

Many Google results will not only include organic results, but consist of local results and YouTube videos in addition to the organic results.

There are several ways to calculate your position, and some clients might be local only while others don’t care about local results. Either way, you can configure AccuRanker to count the ranks as you like. When you add your keywords, you can check these two options:

If [...]

Were you tired of not being able to see the surroundings when doing a rank check in AccuRanker ?


Those days are gone, AccuRanker now support live views, which allows you to see the SERP result just as AccuRanker sees it.



This way you will quickly be able to verify that the Local results are correct, which lately has become a burden to many rank trackers, but here [...]

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