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Google Grump

Google Grump - the AccuRanker Google ranker has soared to “FURIOUS” today with a reading of 15.1 - this comes after a few days of the Algorithm tool reporting increased activity on Google keyword rankings.

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Anders Bjerre
Anders Bjerre
Partner - SEO Specialist, Search Mind

I used to work with Ranker-Tracker and was more than pleased when I changed to AccuRanker, which is not only the fastest SERP tool available but also very accurate.

Samantha Noble
Samantha Noble
Marketing Director, Koozai

We have been using AccuRanker for the past few months and the team have so much good stuff to say about it. Not only do the ranking seem accurate, there are a lot of added features within the platform making reporting on the data very effective. With any new tool, there are some recommendations of features that we have put forward and AccuRanker have been very receptive to these ideas and we are hopeful that they will be implemented in the near future.

Patrick Lønne Hoffmann
Patrick Lønne Hoffmann
Head of SEO & Press at

By far the best rank tracking software on the market. We’ve tested a variety of different rank tracking softwares and AccuRanker is by far the most precise on the market. As a tool AccuRanker is very intuitive to use and the support is just great. We appreciate the speed and the possibilities regarding filters, tagging and especially the instant refresh function. These features and a bunch others is something we use a lot and I myself has been satisfied using it since 2016.

Nikolaj Mogensen
Nikolaj Mogensen
Head of Quisma Denmark (Part of GroupM)

AccuRanker is faster, better and more accurate for rank tracking than enterprise tools and If you want a best of breed strategy to you toolbox, AccuRanker is part of that solution.

Paddy Moogan
Paddy Moogan
Co-Founder at Aira

For an Agency like Aira, the speed of AccuRanker is a huge feature - the ability to do fast checks and instant refreshes on keywords means we can diagnose issues as and when they happen, during meetings or when on a client call.

Instant on Demand Ranking Updates

AccuRanker always updates your keywords 24 hours after last refresh, to provide you with accurate data on a daily basis. We understand that you need to be able to do fast checks of your organic rankings. This is why we offer instant refreshes. You can update individual keywords or refresh all your keywords instantly with refresh button.

Outstanding Customer Service

We want you to be able to make the most out of AccuRanker which is why we have a dedicated team to help you with any questions you have. We offer complimentary one-on-one walkthroughs where our Customer Success Manager will take you though our software step-by-step. We also have a chat function where you can ask us questions, give us your feedback and suggestions.

Enterprise Features at Low Cost

We want to offer value for money to our customers so we provide enterprise features at low cost. Professional, Expert and Enterprise plans include accessing data though our easy to use REST API, as well as showing various advanced metrics across landing pages to give you more insightful data.

Easy Custom Template Reporting

We know that reporting is important for you and we want to save your time spent doing a report. We help you automate the reporting process by scheduling reports for yourself or you clients. You can easily create your own custom report templates with you logo and drag-and-drop all the data you need in the report.

In-Depth Analysis

You can measure the impact of your SEO strategy and make data-driven decisions with the wide range of metrics we provide. Search volume, traffic per keyword, traffic potential and Share of Voice are some of the additional analytics data we provide for you to have better overview of your SEO efforts.

3rd Party Integration.
Track everything all in one place, from any device

Google Analytics

Connect all your data sourses to track all your company’s performance in one place, from any device.

Just one login to track Google Analitics, HubSpot, Salesforce, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and 50+ others

We Track It All

Feature Local and Global Local and Global

Check global and local rankings. Multiple locations and countries (per keyword, postcode, address, city or region) for Google and Bing. Add as many locations as you wish or ignore local results when adding keywords.

Feature Mobile and Desktop Mobile and Desktop

Fast and accurate keyword rankings for Desktop and Mobile. When adding keywords select Mobile, Desktop or both. Mobile continues to increase market share over Desktop and we recommend to track both.

Feature Competitors Competitors

See competitor rankings for your keywords so you can see how they are performing compared to you in terms of keywords and ranks. We also provide Top 10 aggregated competitor list for all your keywords.

Feature SERP features SERP features

Tracking SERP features in addition to regular organic results is increasingly important. Check which SERP features are included in your keywords. Filter your keywords list to only show keywords with certain SERP features.

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Why Brands and Agencies Use AccuRanker

Automated organic traffic

"We love how quick Accuranker is and how scalable it is across regions around the world. We use it all the time for client reports and are now also making use of the Data Studio connector to pull data into our own existing report templates."

- Paddy Moogan, Co-Founder

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Most reliable rank tracker on the market

"I’m advising everybody within the industry to try AccuRanker which I think is the most reliable rank tracker software on the market. "

- Patrick Lønne Hoffmann, Head of SEO & Press

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Save time, track results, and make informed decisions

"Accuranker helps us save time, track our results, and make informed decisions about how to move our keywords up in the SERPs. There's no other tool that offers the same important features for keyword tracking that Accuranker does."

- Cody Arsenault, Web Performance Advocate

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Faster, better and more accurate for rank tracking than enterprise tools

"AccuRanker is faster, better and more accurate for rank tracking than enterprise tools and If you want a best of breed strategy to you toolbox, AccuRanker is part of that solution"

- Nikolaj Mogensen, Head of Quisma Denmark (Part of GroupM)

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Increase organic traffic by 571% just in 13 months

"We have used quite a few tools for tracking SERPs and keywords as part of our content marketing effort. And there was always something missing. It wasn’t until we found AccuRanker that we were completely satisfied. It has increased our productivity. The powerful filters, tagging, instant checks, integration with GSC, multiple URL detection per keyword, accurate search volume, and notes, are all features we now can’t live without. AccuRanker really has taken our SEO efforts to another level. We were able to grow our organic traffic by 571% in just 13 months."

- Brian Jackson, CMO

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Easy reporting to multiple clients

"AccuRanker is undoubtedly the sharpest rank tracker on the market, and the tool is in line with all our expectations and needs for such"

- Simon Elkjær, Director of Nutimo

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