Our ‘Google Grump’ Rating

Our ‘Google Grump’ rating highlights unrest in Google’s algorithm. The grumpier the mood, the bigger the fluctuations in rankings. Use the filters below to track changes by country and device. Don’t forget to sign up to our email alerts to keep track of Google’s mood.

Google Grump tiger standing and furious

What Do Google’s Moods Mean?

Chilled Google Grump tiger


Nothing to worry about here, everything seems calm.

Chilled Google Grump tiger
Cautious Google Grump Tiger


Normal activity. If ratings show an upward trend over the next few days then it’s likely that Google’s mood is about to change.

Cautious Google Grump Tiger
Grumpy Google Grump tiger


Google’s in a bit of a grump - rankings are changing more than usual.

Grumpy Google Grump tiger
Furious Google Grump tiger


Easy tiger! Google is angry today with rankings fluctuating at high speed - it’s likely that an algorithm update is taking place.

Furious Google Grump tiger
Behind the scenes of Google Grump

Under the Bonnet

AccuRanker’s Google Grump rating is based on a unique algorithm, calculating the average number of rank changes, across the top 100 results per keyword.

It monitors:

  • 30,000 randomly selected keywords.
  • Split 50/50 between mobile and desktop.

Creating a result

  • We loop all 100 rankings and compare them to the previous day.
  • If the URL has dipped or fluctuated, it is subtracted from the position the day before.
  • The final index number for a given keyword is calculated by finding the sum of all differences - dividing this by the number of results (normally 100).
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