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Prices at AccuRanker are arranged by monthly plans. When paying for a year in advance, prices are discounted by 10%. All plans can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at any time, at no cost.



Google / Bing / Youtube / Yandex / Baidu
We offer the largest range of search engines
Desktop / Mobile / Local Results
Track data for any device and any location
SERP Feature Tracking
Track all featured elements on the SERP page
Competitor Tracking
Monitor the ranks of your competitors. You can add 10 competitors per domain
Advanced Data Segmentation
Segment your data with tags and filters to better analyse and understand groups of keywords
Share of Voice
See how much of the market you own
Historic Search Volume
View the historic search volume for a keyword to see how the trend changes
Advanced Reporting
Put your own logo on the reports, include the data that your client is interested in and schedule it for automatic sending on any given day of the month
Daily and On-Demand Rank Updates
Ranking are automatically updated every 24 hours. If you need even fresher numbers you can manually refresh your keywords
Google Search Console Integration
Connect Google Search Console and import all your indexed keywords
Google Analytics Integration
Collect organic traffic, goals, revenue, and discover your "Not Provided" keywords
Adobe Analytics Integration
Collect organic traffic, goals, revenue, and discover your "Not Provided" keywords
Google Data Studio Integration
Integrate AccuRanker directly in your Google Data Studio Reports with our native connector
Landing Pages Segmentation
Understand which landing pages are high performing and bring the most value for your keywords
SERP History
A time machine for search result pages
Historical Data Importer
Import your historical data from your existing SEO tool
Access your data through our easy-to-use REST API
Unlimited Users
You can add unlimited users to your AccuRanker account so your co-workers can access your data
Unlimited Domains
Add all the domains you want to track

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Upgrade My Account?

Yes, you can upgrade your account at any time. The remainder will automatically be accounted on your new invoice. This applies to both monthly and annual subscriptions.

I Need More Keywords

AccuRanker has a huge infrastructure and capacity. We can upgrade your account to fit all your needs, whether you need to track a few thousand keywords or hundreds of thousands.

Will AccuRanker increase the price of my subscription?

No, AccuRanker will not force you to pay more for your subscription in the future. If the price of our subscriptions rises, it will only affect you if you decide to upgrade or downgrade your plan. Your current plan will always stay the same.

Can I get a discount on my AccuRanker subscription?

No, the prices on our pricing page are the best we can offer and are therefore non-negotiable (unless you want to pay more 😉 ). This is to provide full transparency, as well as saving you time from having to negotiate with us to find the best price. The more keywords you track, the lower the price per keyword. This is also reflected in the pricing.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, AccuRanker has a 14 day refund policy from the initial purchase. To request this, simply write to us in the chat or at

How Accurate is Your Data?

AccuRanker has servers in every country that we support, meaning we deliver 99.9% accurate data, both globally and at the local level.

Can I Import Data From My Previous Tool?

Yes – AccuRanker supports data import from numerous tools, see the complete list here. If your current provider isn’t listed, please contact support for assistance.

If I cancel my subscription or my trial runs out, what will happen to my account?

Your account settings, domains and keyword data will still be in the account, but it will be inaccessible until your subscription is eventually re-activated. We will also stop updating your rankings during this time.

Can I jump from a monthly to a yearly subscription later on (and vice versa)?

Yes, you are able to manage this in the AccuRanker platform under the Account tab.

Does AccuRanker charge more if I need to add more users?

No, all current AccuRanker plans include unlimited users.


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