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On-demand ranking updates

  • Keywords updated every 24-hours
  • Refresh keywords every second hour
  • Data updates in just a few seconds
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Outstanding customer service

  • Free one-on-one best practice sessions
  • Quick responses through chat function
  • Extensive help-guides
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Enterprise features at low cost

  • Access data through easy-to-use API
  • Advanced metrics across various landing pages
  • Insightful data and analysis
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Easy custom template reporting

  • Customised reports with company logo
  • Drag and drop report builder
  • Automated reporting via scheduling function
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In-depth analysis

  • Wide range of metrics available
  • Filter data in hundreds of ways
  • Share of Voice shows market performance
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Nikolaj Mogensen

Head of SEO, s360 Denmark

“AccuRanker is a faster, better and more accurate keyword rank tracker than all-in-one enterprise tools. If you want a best-of-breed strategy as part of your toolbox, AccuRanker should be part of it. Getting instant access to the bulk uploading and downloading of thousands of keywords on client rankings, and their competitors’ rankings, on specific chosen keywords has allowed s360 to analyse big data within short deadlines. AccuRanker is the best in the industry when it comes to rank tracking.”

3rd Party Integrations:
Track everything all in one place, from any device

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AccuRanker, Homepage

Google Analytics

Connecting AccuRanker to your Google Analytics account will provide more in-depth data such as Est. visitors per keyword and Landing pages/Tag cloud data for professional users.

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Google Search Console

Connecting AccuRanker to your Google Search Console account will enable you to easily import your keywords.

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CSV Importer

With our bulk importer you are able to import data from a CSV file.

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Adobe Analytics

Connecting AccuRanker to your Adobe Analytics account will provide more in-depth data such as organic traffic, goals and where the traffic is coming from.

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Google Sheets

Connecting Google Drive Account with AccuRanker will enable you to export your reports directly into Google Sheets.

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Google Data Studio

Connecting Google Data Studio with AccuRanker will enable you to show advanced AccuRanker data on Google Data Studio dashboard in a simple and sleek way.

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With the Databox integration you can display your data from AccuRanker on your Databox dashboard.

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Using this API you will be able to retrieve metrics from your AccuRanker account.

We Track It All

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Local and Global

Check global and local rankings with multiple locations and countries (per keyword, postcode, address, city or region) for Google and Bing. Add as many locations as you wish, or ignore local results when adding keywords.

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Mobile and Desktop

Fast and accurate keyword rankings for desktop and mobile. When adding keywords select mobile, desktop or both. Mobile continues to increase market share over desktop and we recommend tracking both.

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See your competitors’ ranking position on target keywords and measure your progress. AccuRanker also offers a top-10 aggregated competitor list for all your keywords.

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SERP Features

Tracking SERP features alongside regular organic results is increasingly important, as featured snippets and other details offer more ways to boost your traffic. It’s possible to filter your keywords list to only show keywords with certain SERP features.

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Why Brands And Agencies Use AccuRanker

HubSpot's Blog Increased Organic Traffic by 45% in Six Months

Things happen quickly at HubSpot and we needed a tool that could keep up with our fast-paced nature. We loved AccuRanker’s ability to refresh the position of keywords in a particular cluster group at any time. AccuRanker gives our SEO team the data we need to make the right decisions. "

Victor Pan, SEO Manager

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