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If you want to know how your website ranks on the search engine Bing (MSN), you need to use a rank tracker. AccuRanker is a quick and accurate Bing keyword tracker that shows you a particular site’s ranking for a given set of keywords in the search results on Bing.

Our tool automatically checks the position of your keywords every 24 hours. In addition, you can get live on-demand rankings by clicking the refresh button. Thanks to the tool’s new and accurate data, this means you’ll always know where you rank on Bing.

Bing rank tracker
Ned Poulter

“Having used a large number of keyword rank tracking tools available (probably all of the known brands and more!), I can honestly say AccuRanker provides many great features in a slick and well-developed product. Most importantly to many, it manages to achieve this without spending a high monthly subscription. It easily matches the features of the other leading keyword rank trackers that I have used and, in some cases, betters them. Our team has found a great use for it, and it is integrated with our monthly client reporting.”

Ned Poulter
Founder & CEO, Pole Star Digital

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Why you should track keyword rankings in Bing

Bing, owned and operated by Microsoft, is the second-largest search engine globally. While Google primarily dominates search, they don’t have exclusive control. Other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex are also present, and in some markets, they take up a significant share of searches. In the US, Bing has a market share of approximately 12% on desktop devices.

This means that millions of people use Bing every day. By ignoring potential customers searching on Bing, you run the risk of losing quite a lot of business. Since most SEOs solely focus on ranking in Google, you can get ahead of the competition by optimizing for Bing as well.

Generally speaking, fewer websites try to rank on Bing, which means it’s easier to get a higher rank in Bing’s search results compared to Google. Plus, as the volume of competition is lower, it’ll take less time to see improved ranking results.

Several cases have shown that traffic from Bing has a lower bounce rate, more page visits, more time-on-site and converts better than Google traffic.

So, having a solid SEO strategy means you need to take Bing into account as well.

Why you need AccuRanker as your Bing rank tracker

With AccuRanker, you can monitor and analyze keyword positions and track rankings on Bing. In addition, you can see how competitors are ranking and measure your SEO performance against theirs.

Our tool lets you check where your keywords rank in the TOP 100 on Bing. You can track positions on both desktop and mobile alongside both global and local targeting. As rankings differ from place to place, the tool allows you to set an exact location for each keyword. You can set the location at the state, city, postcode, and even address level.

Do you have different rankings in Bing and Google? With the ability to track keyword rankings in both search engines, you can easily compare data between the two and create targeted SEO strategies for each one.

Here’s why AccuRanker is the best Bing rank tracker for SEO professionals and agencies:

You get on-demand ranking updates

  • Keyword rankings are updated every 24 hours
  • You can refresh keyword rankings to get live data
  • The data updates in just a few seconds

You get enterprise features at a low cost

  • Get access to data through our easy-to-use API
  • Use advanced metrics across various landing pages
  • Access insightful data to create advanced analyses

You get easy custom template reporting

  • Customised reports with your company logo
  • Easy drag and drop report builder
  • Automated reporting via the scheduling function

How to start tracking your rankings on Bing

Getting started is easy.

First, sign up for a free trial – no credit card details are needed.

Then enter the following information in the tool:

The website address you want to track (URL) The keywords you want to track The location you want to track from (e.g. country, city, address etc.) The device type you want to track on (desktop/mobile)

– Then you’re ready to go!

Enter the keywords you want to track and check the boxes under ‘Search Settings’. This sets the devices you want to track your keywords on. (Click to see larger image)

After a few seconds, you’ll get the rankings of the keywords you have decided to track. (Click to see larger image)

Jose Manuel Pacheco

“Simply spectacular! I like the interface's usability; it’s super simple and complete. The results offered by the tool I have contrasted the most real I have seen. What I like most about the tool is the customization of the reports that can be sent to customers. Being able to automatically send reports to my clients is an incredible benefit. I am very grateful to AccuRanker.”

Jose Manuel Pacheco
Web Designer & SEO Specialist at

How to rank higher on Bing

Most SEO practices for Google apply to Bing as well, so if you rank high on Google, you’ll probably rank well on Bing. However, there are some differences in their search algorithms, or at least in how the ranking factors are weighted. This means that searching for the same keyword in Bing and Google will likely provide you with different results, and the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) will also differ significantly.

Basic optimization principles are pretty similar for both search engines, but if you want to rank higher on Bing, you need to consider its algorithm’s priorities. The good thing is that, generally speaking, Bing is more transparent about its ranking factors than Google. You can read Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines that provide actionable insights and tips on optimizing your website for the search engine.

5 tips to improve your ranking in Bing

- Sign up to Bing Webmaster Tools

- Submit URLs manually to Bing

- Use exact-match keywords

- Use keyword-rich anchor texts

- Increase social signals

Sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools

Signing up to Bing Webmaster Tools provides you with several tools that can help configure your site for Bing. You also get many analytical tools and reports that help you understand how your site indexes, which keywords you rank for, and the links that point to your pages while also letting you diagnose problems and much more.

Submit URLs manually to Bing

Want your new or updated content to be faster available in Bing’s index? You can submit up to 10,000 URLs to Bing each day via Bing Webmaster Tools for faster crawling and indexing. Using the URL submission tool sends a strong signal to Bing that it needs to crawl the URLs quickly. This means Bing will shift resources to crawl the URL you have submitted. You can use the Bing URL submission process either through Bing Webmaster Tools or APIs.

Use exact-match keywords

Google has become really good at understanding the context and intent of searches. On the other hand, Bing still relies more on exact-match keywords and keyword positioning. Actually, it’s still much better to focus on one keyword per page with Bing. This means that if you want to rank better in Bing’s SERPs, you should use exact keywords wherever you can. This includes the domain, URL, title tag, meta description, H1, and H2s. But be careful – similar to Google, keyword stuffing is a violation of Bing’s webmaster guidelines. So don’t over-optimize your content, or you risk harming your rankings on both Google and Bing.

Use keyword-rich anchor texts

Bing sees backlinks as a sign of popularity if they’re from credible, relevant websites. This is similar to Google. However, it appears that Bing values backlinks more than Google. And here is the crucial part: Bing puts more emphasis on the anchor text than Google does. This means that Bing is more focused on anchor text keywords. So, it’s to your advantage to use exact match anchor texts that contain the keywords you want to target. If AccuRanker wants to rank for “Bing rank tracker”, we will need links that use “Bing rank tracker” as the anchor text.

You should be wary of over-optimizing the anchor texts and getting a penalty. To avoid this, make sure that the links that focus on exact match anchors come from high authority sites. The others should be a mix of anchor terms so you ensure anchor diversity.

Increase social signals

Google has regularly denied suggestions that signals from social media platforms play a role in their ranking algorithm. In contrast, Bing is up-front about its importance in page ranking. As Bing openly states in its webmaster guidelines: “These positive [social] signals can impact how you rank organically in the long run”.

This tells us that it pays to engage with audiences on social media channels. You’ll have stronger social signals by actively participating in social conversations and encouraging responses from your audience. This will help boost your rankings in Bing’s search results. Try to increase your social media audience and get as many comments, shares, likes, and retweets as possible on your social media platforms.

You can read more about Bing’s ranking factors and find ways to increase your traffic here.

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