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Keyword Duplicates

How to identify duplicated keywords and remove them by using filter

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How do duplicate keywords appear in AccuRanker?

In AccuRanker, the same keyword can have different settings and for this reason, appear more than once in the keyword list. 

The settings on keywords means AccuRanker checks the same keyword separately using different requests.

Keyword settings options include:

  • Search Engine (Google, Bing, Baidu and Yandex)
  • Search locale
  • Device type (Desktop and Mobile) 
, Keyword Duplicates

Selecting all options for the same keyword means it will be added and checked four times. 

This is because the keyword will be checked on both Google and Bing and for desktop and mobile browsers. 

As a result this means you will be tracking four keywords instead of one. 

, Keyword Duplicates

How can I delete duplicate keywords?

By using AccuRanker’s advanced filtering options, you can quickly remove duplicates.

For example, you can delete all keywords monitored on Bing using the Search Engine (SE) filter.

, Keyword Duplicates