Get in-depth data with AccuRanker and Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration is an easy one-click integration that allows you to get deeper insights into your SEO performance.

Integration withAccuRanker

## Measure your SEO efforts Get a glace of your Google Analytics data such as organic traffic in the Overview tab of your AccuRanker account. See how many visitors your website gets from each traffic source, as well as how many goals and how much revenue you gain from each traffic source.
## Get valuable insights from Google Analytics Google Analytics integration provides deeper insights for your landing pages and tag cloud, and their development over time. Organic visitors, average time spent, average load time, bounce rate, goals and revenue data for each URL and tag will be visible in Landing Pages and Tag Cloud tabs.

Power your decisions with insightful analytics data

Google Analytics is the most popular digital analytics tool offered by Google that helps you to keep track of your customer’s journey by analysing visitor traffic. Learn how to connect AccuRanker to your Google Analytics account so you get more in-depth data such as Est. visitors per keyword and Landing pages/Tag cloud data.

How to connect to Google Analytics


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