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Live SERP tool offers five free searches per day

SERP Checker - Live SERP Tool

Our 100% free SERP checker tool provides instant, accurate, location specific search results. If you need a location-specific SERP check and to check rankings from a number of different locations then our free live SERP tool is the perfect solution.

Our SERP checker is powered by the same engine as AccuRanker, so expect accurate information delivered fast.

Live SERP tool offers five free searches per day
Live SERP tool provides accurate Google rankings

Free SERP Tool for Fast and Accurate Google Rankings, Anywhere

Our free-to-use SERP checker allows you to check Google rankings and SERP results by a specific location, city or country. Data is available on demand, with up to five free checks per day – includes search results from Google in an instant.

The tool also offers Google rankings and SERP results for either desktop or mobile. Simply input your keyword, country and location then hit the ‘SEARCH NOW’ button. Our software will quickly show you the Google SERP results for your selected location.

Live SERP tool provides location-specific searches

Google Location Services - How to Get Local SERP Results

Google show location specific search results. The results you see will default to the country that corresponds to your location.

This is of course useful for many users. However, it causes problems for users that need to track rankings or view the SERPs for clients or businesses that are in another country – and if, like many agencies, you have international clients spread across lots of different locations, it’s a problem. That is why AccuRanker offers this free SERP checker to check your rankings in various locations.

Live SERP tool provides location-specific searches
Ads on the top of Google

Ads at the Top

Ads results can be found at both the top and bottom of the page.

Each advert is identified by a green ‘Ad’ box. Ads are ranked according to the relevance of the search and bid, as well as other factors.

Ads push organic results further down the page, impacting Click Through Rates (CTC’s), in particular on mobile browsers.

Related questions in Google

Related Questions

‘Related Questions’ show questions generated by Google that it believes are related to the search, offering a snippet of a similar question that may be relevant to your search.

These questions can be mixed into organic results, and their position in the SERP can vary.

Related questions in Google
Google reviews


Review ratings and stars are often displayed for recipes, products and similar items. The rating, when relevant, is shown between the URL and the snippet. Results with review stars have a higher click-through-rate.

The rules determining which results are eligible for stars differ according to various factors.

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