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What is AccuRanker?

AccuRanker is the preferred SERP Analytics & Tracking platform among search professionals in data-driven agencies & enterprises worldwide. We help search marketers excel in large-scale SEO projects with speed & accuracy. AccuRanker provides deep insight into real-time search data, enabling search marketers to make informed decisions that increase their organic visibility while outperforming their competition.

AccuRanker features

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Keyword discovery

Effectively find other keywords to track that your landing pages are already being indexed for on Google. Get inspiration to create new relevant content and identify new potential drivers of revenue.

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Organic site explorer

Get a complete overview of all pages on the website incl. keywords tracked, indexed and dynamic competitors. Identify competitors on a category / product level and find out what keywords competitors are indexed for.

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Dynamic CTR

Determine what the max. CTR is on any particular keyword based on advanced AI models. Improve your business planning with accurate data and effectively prioritize keywords and content.

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Dynamic tagging

Create automated rules for tagging to group keywords making it easier to analyse, optimize and report. Save time doing manual work when analyzing insights and reduce risk of manual mistakes with automatic rules.

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Dynamic competitors

Understand who you are competing against to win the traffic on Google. Focus on what actually creates business impact and build credibility and trust when reporting to stakeholders.

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Filtering on SERP features

Filter data on more than 25 of the most popular SERP features and break down these insights into highly operational actions.

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