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Last updated on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

AccuRanker has its very own Google Data Studio Connector, that makes it easy to create beautiful graphs and tables that show the incredible SEO results you have managed to achieve. Or the opposite. Since data always will come directly from the source, and in no way can be manipulated.

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is Google’s free dashboard service. There are tons of so-called Connectors that make it easy to include data directly from other tools – these can be Adform, AdWords, Analytics or AccuRanker.

How to Install the AccuRanker Google Data Studio Connector

You need to have a Google Data Studio account first. This can be created for free, and if you do not have one, I strongly suggest that you try it out. Not only for SEO reporting, but also for sales, social media, and other digital marketing activities.

To install the Connector go directly to the AccuRanker Google Data Studio Connector page. Here you need to tie your Google Data Studio account together with your AccuRanker account. To make the process easy, make sure that you are already signed in to the correct AccuRanker account.

After this process, you are ready to utilize the Connector. Now you have three options. You can create a completely new dashboard, work on from a template or work on from an already existing SEO/digital/performance dashboard you have.

What to Show?

I would start showing the same numbers, graphs, and tables that you show in your ordinary reporting and then gradually improve the dashboard with more insights or better ways to show your results.

However I would always recommend including data on both Share of Voice, rankings and organic traffic, and then you can consider adding these metrics on specific keywords, tags, pages or begin using more advanced to filters, to show exactly what you want.

The filters can be really good for specific wishes from your client or manager. If you get the same question every month and have to use time to get this data from several tools, Google Data Studio is a really good way to answer these questions with a single dashboard.

Google Data Studio Provides Transparency

There are a lot of great SEO and digital marketing agencies out there, but there are also bad ones. One of the ways you can outperform some of the smaller agencies is by being completely transparent on the results your deliver.

Smaller agencies may not even send a monthly report or deliver any insights. I think monthly reporting should always be part of a long-lasting SEO project, and if you are doing a good reporting, you will also be able to find insights yourself.

By using Google Data Studio for reporting you cannot mess with the numbers in any way. This means total transparency. If you have performed bad, the dashboard will show. You can of course add comments to the dashboard, but you cannot edit any numbers, without your client knowing.

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Tobias Hyldeborg, Quisma,

Tobias Hyldeborg is a Danish SEO & Webanalytics Specialist at the digital performance agency Quisma and blogger on digital marketing. He uses AccuRanker every single day and loves the speed, simplicity and insights the tool gives.

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