Jimi Hove

Accuracy, local results and instant updates of rankings

The company

Hi. My name is Jimi Hove. I am an online marketing agency owner in Denmark.

I have been working with AccuRanker as my loyal rank tracker for the last 2 years.

I am constantly looking for new online marketing tools, and if they are cheap too, then I’m extra excited. 

AccuRanker is not the cheapest rank tracker out there, but still, I choose them over Ahrefs, Moz and many more I have tested.

Here are my top 3 reasons why.


The challenge

Accuracy of data 

My clients trust me to report accurate data to them. I have experienced inaccurate data with other tools and it makes me look unprofessional as an SEO agency. 

Local SEO

I needed a rank tracker that shows local results and features on the SERP. A big part of my clients are local businesses and it is crucial for me to be able to track rankings for a specific location. It is also valuable for my clients to know when they are listed in the local pack: the list of three local businesses as rich snippets below a Google Map with location points. 

Live SEO data

Last but not least, I need to be able to have live ranking data. Some SEO tools update their data once a week, some once a day, but most SEO tools do not offer to provide live data instantly.

The solution

1. Accuracy

AccuRanker is the most accurate ranker I have ever tested. Ahrefs could show me a #5 position on a given keyword, whereas AccuRanker would show me a #7 position.

#5 is better than #7. Sure. The problem is though, that when I check the real position in Googles Keyword Test tools, it’s more often that AccuRanker hits the right position, that I am actually ranking at.

When I report back to my clients, this accuracy is very important. No SEO agency wants to say to a client that they rank 5, and when they check themselves, they are number 7. It makes you look bad.

I am a big fan of Ahrefs, but AccuRanker is a more accurate rank tracker. 

2. Local results (also known as the “Snack Pack” or Local Pack)

This is even more important to me. I rank on so many local results (because local SEO is a big part of what we do at my SEO agency).

But surprisingly very few rank trackers show those local results. 

AccuRanker does.

On some keywords, I don’t even rank on the first 3 pages, but I rank in the “Snack Pack”. That brings me a lot of clicks. And again it is nice to report back to the client that: ”Hey, we just took the shortcut to big rankings using the “Snack Pack”. Check it out in AccuRanker here!”

Et billede, der indeholder himmel, skærmbillede

Automatisk oprettet beskrivelse

3. Instant update of the rankings

Damn, I love this one. And I use it a lot. If I am on my way to a meeting with a client, or talking on the phone with a client, and I need the newest rankings, I just press “refresh”, and there I got it: New rankings, instantly.

No need to wait 24 hours for the tool to give me the latest rankings.

Most rank trackers don’t offer this feature!

My 2 favourite features are the 2 first ones, but the last one with the refresh possibility is just an extra nice feature.

And “extra nice” is my overall evaluation of AccuRanker. Which means I’m ready to hand off some more cash into their hands, even though I also got a nice rank tracker included in my Ahrefs subscription. 

The result

There are many reasons why I like using AccuRanker. Top 3 reasons why AccuRanker is better than other rank trackers that I have tried are accuracy, local data and instant refreshes on keywords.


Even if you are already using an all-around SEO tool that also tracks your organic rankings, I would advise you to supplement it with AccuRanker - you will not regret it.

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