Unlocking SEO Potential: JYSK’s Journey to Digital Excellence with AccuRanker

The Challenge

JYSK, a global retail chain, encountered challenges in tracking keywords and optimizing SEO across its markets. They needed a solution that can provide accurate, real-time insights into keyword performance to enhance their SEO strategy and improve their global online presence & competitiveness.

The Outcome

Implementing AccuRanker allowed JYSK to improve their SEO performance. They gained comprehensive insights into their keyword performance and competitive positioning, which facilitated better strategic decision-making.
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Brabrand, Denmark



Company size

25 000+


Danish retail chain

AccuRanker was a perfect solution for us to actually do that, and also for our specialists to actually work with a tool that had a bit more technicality than the Google Search Console.

Robin Højstrøm
Team Lead for SEO and PPC, JYSK


Founded in 1979 in Denmark, JYSK began as a pioneer of affordable Scandinavian design in household goods, promoting not just products but a lifestyle accessible to many. Over the years, JYSK has grown into a global retail leader, offering everything from furniture to home decor through a seamless integration of physical and online stores.

Today, JYSK Operates over 2,800 stores across the world with a dedicated workforce of thousands, serving millions of customers in 50+ countries. From its inception, JYSK has committed significant resources to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency, adapting to market changes with innovative business strategies and advanced digital marketing tactics.

As JYSK expanded globally, the complexity of managing an effective SEO strategy across multiple regions and languages increased. The retail giant operates under a hybrid business model that seamlessly integrates physical stores with a dynamic e-commerce platform. This omnichannel strategy meets diverse customer shopping preferences and heightens the necessity for a robust digital presence.

The challenge was clear: JYSK needed a sophisticated SEO tool to handle its vast scale and diversity. Traditional methods were insufficient to maintain visibility in a highly competitive retail market. They required a solution that could provide accurate & real-time insights into their SEO performance to optimize content and improve their online presence.

Facing these challenges, JYSK recognized the need for a transformative approach in its SEO strategy.

"As our expansion progressed, the undeniable need for a sophisticated SEO solution became evident," states Robin Højstrøm, Team Lead for SEO and PPC at JYSK.

That’s where AccuRanker comes into play.

JYSK’s digital strategy powered by AccuRanker

Central to JYSK’s approach is enhancing online visibility and accessibility. Using advanced SEO techniques and tools like AccuRanker, JYSK aims to lead search engine rankings in the competitive home goods market. This strategy is supported by targeted ads, social media outreach, and a user-friendly website optimized for speed, navigation, and a smooth checkout process, essentially for maximizing conversions. Using AccuRanker’s precise rank tracking, JYSK adjusts its content for better search engine rankings and monitors keyword performance to maximize SEO outcomes.

This integrated approach, supported by AccuRanker’s detailed analytics, ensures JYSK maintains a strong digital footprint, driving traffic and increasing conversions through organic and paid channels.

Why did JYSK choose AccuRanker?

Before integrating AccuRanker into its operations, JYSK faced significant challenges tracking and optimizing SEO across its global markets. They required a tool that provided an up-to-date and precise ranking tool and could handle the scale of its operations across multiple branches and different countries.

JYSK requires a rank-tracking solution that can deliver accurate, real-time SEO insights across their extensive global operations. They chose AccuRanker for its ability to efficiently manage extensive keyword tracking across diverse markets and brands.

Reflecting on their choice, Robin Højstrøm, Team lead for SEO and PPC, stated, "AccuRanker has given us a comprehensive overview of our keyword performance, which is crucial for pinpointing areas needing improvement and effectively optimizing our SEO strategies. Its advanced technical capabilities provide deeper analytical insights than basic tools like Google Search Console, allowing us to closely monitor competitive positioning and understand market dynamics."

Additionally, the smooth onboarding process and responsive customer support from AccuRanker ensured a seamless integration, minimizing disruption and enhancing JYSK’s ability to maintain a competitive edge in the SEO landscape. This strategic choice has enabled JYSK to boost its digital marketing efforts significantly.

Elevating SEO with AccuRanker

JYSK’s adoption of AccuRanker illustrates the transformative potential of targeted digital tools in achieving SEO success. For businesses serious about enhancing their digital strategy, AccuRanker offers a robust solution that caters to both seasoned SEO professionals and those new to digital marketing.

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