Most reliable rank tracker on the market

The company is an award-winning webshop and one of Denmark’s largest webshops, with children’s clothing and home furnishings from more than 225 brands. was founded in 2006 and every day since then, the main focus has been on good customer service, marketing and sales.


The challenge

We found that the rank trackers we’ve been using for a while showed a lack of being accurate when it comes to rankings. 

We do search engine optimization on a daily basis so we’re depending on an accurate ranking report which we trust. The trust had been lost to our previous rank tracker so we needed to find a new one.

The solution SEO team tried AccuRanker and a bunch of other rank tracker software. AccuRanker was the most precise rank tracker on the market by far and it’s very intuitive to use.

AccuRanker provides crucial features for us:

  • choosing which search engine(s) to search in (e.g. Google and Bing)
  • the device type that you want to search (e.g. desktop and mobile) 

Other settings that are extremely valuable that we use all the time are ignoring local results and adding search location.


The result

Accurate rank tracking:

We need a rank tracker software which we trust is accurate every single day. AccuRanker is the most reliable rank tracker software on the market.

Easy to use and set-up:

So if you are looking for a rank tracker software which allows you to easily add new keywords, tags, locations, devices etc. you have to try AccuRanker - it takes less than a minute. We moved our keywords manually to make sure the right settings were in place even though AccuRanker offered to import keywords in bulk for free.

Saving time:

AccuRanker saves us roughly 20 minutes each day which we now use to do actual search engine optimization. Normally you could spend hours going through reports and looking for the different changes in rank - now it’s done in 5 minutes.


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