Easy reporting to multiple clients

The company

Nutimo is Denmark's only marketing agency that specializes in marketing, which can only be measured organically. Our initiatives will help our customers earn more money without increasing their advertising budget.


The challenge

If you have many different customers, as we do, you need a tool to track keywords across many different websites in a clear and easy way.

The biggest challenge was finding a rank tracker that was precise, easy to use and could generate white-label reports to our customers. Also, the tool should provide us with all the relevant data that we needed for the analytics and development of organic rankings for our customers.

The solution

Not surprisingly, AccuRanker became the perfect solution for Nutimo. This SEO tool catered to all of our needs and we could easily add all the customers to the system as sub-accounts and gain access to all the data we needed.

The result

With AccuRanker, we get an extremely good overview of our customers and the development of their keywords. We can easily see if the keyword rankings are going the right or the wrong way, and if we zoom in on the individual customers, we will get useful information about the development of each keyword.

We appreciate that AccuRanker - through easily understandable graphs - visualizes the evolution of the keywords we trace on individual customers. The effects of our work are extremely tangible in this way, and it makes it very easy for us to show what value we provide for customers.

In addition, we appreciate the amount of data available in AccuRanker. All relevant information about the keywords, such as keyword volume, placement development and current location, are aggregated in a clear and easily accessible manner.

It is a great advantage that AccuRanker enables us to make reports that we can send to customers. The reports are visually appealing and you can automate the system so you do not forget to send them out.

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