Dynamic Keyword Usage

Last updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

Woohoo! With AccuRanker’s new Dynamic Keyword Usage, you are now able to track more keywords than your plan is set to, without having to upgrade your plan.

AccuRanker users often find themself in that situation where they just need to track a few hundred more keywords for a few days.

How does it work?

AccuRanker will count the number of keywords you track on a daily basis. If you are on a 5K plan, but for a single day you track 5.500 keywords, then you will only be credited for 500 keywords for that specific day, and not an entire month.

It allows you to easily add and delete keywords if you have large sums of keywords you want to have the latest information on, without being constantly prompted that you have reached your daily limit.

Will this affect my on-demand updates?

No, when updating your keyword set, single, or for a full domain, it will not be accounted for extra usage.

Where can I see my keyword usage history?

If you are an administrator of the account, you will be able to see your full historical usage for your account.

Go to Account, then click on the “Keyword usage” tab


What do the “Green, Yellow, Red” vertical bars mean?

Each bar represents the daily usage of the account.

This view will show your history, for the last 14 days, making it very easy to gain an overview of your account usage.

  • Green indicates the limit your plan is set to, eg. 5K keywords.
  • Yellow, if visible, indicates the over usage, but where it is not yet economically to upgrade to the next plan in line.
  • Red, if visible, indicates the over usage, but where it will actually save you money if you upgraded to the next plan in line.

What is the cost of exceeding your limit?

You can easily see what your current price is for a keyword for a single day, and what the price of an exceeded keyword is under the Keyword usage tab under your account.


Can I see the cost for the daily transactions?

Yes, you can easily see the days where you exceeded your keyword limit for each subscription billing period.


Should I upgrade my account?

Once the bars go into the red, it will be an economic advantage to upgrade your account.


What plan should I upgrade to?

You can choose any plan when upgrading your account. AccuRanker recommends the plan that suits your current activity.


What if I need more than 50.000 keywords?

AccuRanker offers custom solutions for larger setups. Contact our support team, then they will send you in the right direction to one of our account representatives, which will get in touch with you right away.

When do I know that I have exceeded my limit?

Once you go into over usage, you will be prompted an alert popup once you try to add more keywords than your plan’s limit is set to.


How will my invoice look?

On your invoice, you will see an extra line where the amount of exceeded keywords will show.


It is important to remember that it is the daily exceeded checks that are summed up within the billing period.

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