AccuRanker Walkthrough (Video)

Last updated on Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Get up to speed with our introductory walkthrough explaining how to use the world’s fastest keyword rank tracker.

New to AccuRanker? Watch our walkthrough video.

Due to popular demand, we’ve published a walkthrough video that shows the basics of how to use AccuRanker. This is similar to an introduction we give new customers.

While this video is intended as an introduction, we still recommend taking a live, online walkthrough with one of our Customer Success Managers. This will allow you to ask questions and get more insights into how AccuRanker works.

However, if you want to get to grips with our software quickly, this video can help you get familiar with AccuRanker.


Time Stamps:

  • 1:10 Adding Domains
  • 1:50 Adding Keywords
  • 5:36 Dashboard
  • 5:50 Share of Voice (Explanation)
  • 7:15 Ranking Distribution
  • 8:50 Domain Overview
  • 9:45 Share of Voice (Domain Overview)
  • 12:25 Top Competitors
  • 15:11 Winners & Losers
  • 15:45 Notifications
  • 17:05 Filters and Segments (Keywords List)
  • 20:10 Table Settings (Customize Columns)
  • 20:39 Tags
  • 22:10 Keyword History
  • 23:40 Preferred URLs
  • 25:45 Keyword Updating (Automatic and Manually)
  • 26:30 Competitor Tab (Add and Delete Competitors)
  • 27:50 Competitor Rankings
  • 28:35 Landing Pages
  • 29:40 Tag Cloud


  • 31:15 Downloading Reports
  • 32:27 Setting Up Scheduled Reports
  • 34:15 Creating Report Templates

Remember, AccuRanker offers a free 14-day trial; no credit card details are needed. So that means there are no strings attached. If you’re interested in testing AccuRanker yourself, sign up now.

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Elevate your visibility, elevate your business

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