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Changing Keyword Settings

How to change Keyword Settings in AccuRanker

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How can I change keyword settings in AccuRanker?

If you need to change the settings for a keyword, for example ignoring the Local Pack, see the steps below:

Step 1)

Go to the keywords list and mark the keywords you want to change settings for. 

, Changing Keyword Settings

Step 2)

Click on “Edit keywords” and select “Change settings”.

, Changing Keyword Settings

Step 3)

Enable the settings you wish to apply.

, Changing Keyword Settings

Ignore in Share of Voice – Excludes this keyword from the Share of Voice calculation.

Ignore Local Pack – If selected, any local results found on the SERP will not be included in the ranking positions on AccuRanker.

Ignore Featured Snippets – Similar to ‘Ignore Local Pack’, this option means any Featured Snippets won’t be included in the ranking positions on AccuRanker.

Enable autocorrect – By checking this box, Google Autocorrect will be enabled for this keyword.