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Last updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

As a new or experienced SEO specialist there is one recurring question that always pops up: which keywords should we keep track of? With AccuRankers keyword discovery tool this has never been easier. A combination of AccuRankers lighting fast filtering mechanism together with a database of several billion real search phrases and corresponding SERP pages it is possible to filter out any relevant keywords for your current marketing project.

What is Keyword Discovery?

Keyword Discovery is a tool in AccuRanker where you can view keywords your domain has been indexed for from our massive database. You can add all or some of them to your domain to track them.

Where do I get access to the Keyword Discovery tool?

All AccuRanker customers can use this tool. Just add a domain or navigate to an existing domain and you will find it as the third tab.


Why should I use Keyword Discovery?

The tool is a simple way to get started or expand your tracking of your site's performance on any search engine by adding relevant keywords. It can be hard to know which keywords to track and which not to and this is where Keyword Discovery comes in handy by suggesting keywords we already know you are indexed for.

How do I add discovered keywords to my domain?

Just above the table on the Keyword Discovery page is an import button. It shows how many keywords you are about to add by clicking it. Just click it and add keywords by filling out the modal. Be aware that for your safety, the amount of keywords you can add with one click is limited to the size of your plan. You have to filter the set of keywords to accommodate this limit.

screenshot of button location to import keywords on keywords discovery

Alternatively you can use the import button on the Keyword Import card just below the Quick Actions panel.

screenshot of keyword import card on keyword discovery

What is the difference between keywords on the keywords list and keywords on the keyword discovery list?

As a customer you don’t pay for the keywords in the Keyword Discovery database. Keywords shown on the Keyword Discovery page are not updated on a daily basis and hence not necessarily completely up to date. We only keep a history of your and your competitors' performance on keywords you have added to your domain.

How do I change the country for the shown keywords?

In the top right corner is a drop down menu from where you can pick a country and see which keywords your domain is indexed for. By default keywords for your domain's primary country are shown. Next to each country is the approximate number of keywords found for your domain for that country.

screenshot of select country dropdown on keyword discovery

How can I filter the shown keywords?

Filtering works exactly the same as for the rest of AccuRanker. We have the filter bar at the top of the page where both applied filters are shown and new filters can be added. There are shortcuts to the filters relevant for each column in the table header.
Be aware that not all filters found on the regular keyword list are relevant and hence applicable on the keyword discovery page. Click on the “Add filter” to see which are.

screenshots that shows how to filter

Furthermore, some of the most frequently used filters can be set from the Quick Actions panel located on the top of the page just below.

You can read more about this feature in the article: Researching Keywords on Keyword Discovery

Where do the discovered keywords come from?

The shown keywords are all Google Desktop searches where the selected keywords are found based on an algorithm to find the most relevant search phrases from real world Google searches.

How big is the Keyword Discovery database?

The database is continuously growing with new keywords searched by real people. Currently we have more than 1 billion search phrases across countries all over the world.

Can I add these keywords with other search engines than Google (Desktop)?

Yes, you can add these keywords to any of our supported search engines with the device(s) of your choice. Be aware that the results shown in the list are for Google Desktop and other search engines and devices might not show similar results.

How can I see what my competitors are ranking for?

From the Organic Site Explorer you can see your competitors down to individual landing pages. Just click a competitor or a competitors landing page to browse keywords they are indexed for and add them to the keywords you want to track.


Why can I still see keywords on the Keyword Discovery page after I just added them?

If you are fast and refresh the page before the background jobs are done you will still be able to see potential new keywords that you just added. There are background jobs that import the new keywords into your account and depending on how many keywords you just imported it can take a few minutes.

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