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Last updated on Saturday, January 6, 2024

With AccuRanker’s search intent feature, you can navigate through your keywords better than ever. It is now possible to filter, segment, and sort your keywords by their search intent.

We recommend you get started by reading our article: What is Search Intent?

Afterwards, you may check out this help guide or our in-depth article: How AccuRanker determines search intent with AI.

Note: Search intent data is available from mid-August 2022.

The Keyword List and Keyword Discovery

Search intent is a new column in the Keywords tab and the Keyword Discovery tab where you can filter and order keywords by search intent. In the Keywords tab, you can enable or disable this column in the table settings.


A keyword can have multiple intents (see our article What is Search Intent?). You can specify in the search intent filter whether the keywords should have several intents, any of some intents, or specify which intents they should not have.

If a keyword has multiple intents, the leftmost intent is the primary intent for the SERP/Keyword.

Tip: If you want to see keywords that only have a single intent, select the other three and choose “None of the selected”. For example, applying this filter will yield keywords which only have commercial intent:


Importing keywords from Keyword discovery

When importing keywords from Keyword Discovery, you may notice that the search intent is not always the same in the keyword list as it was in Keyword Discovery. There are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. We store more data for keywords you track, allowing us to give more precise search intent estimates.
  2. The data you track always corresponds to a SERP less than a day old, whereas keyword discovery keywords are not refreshed daily.

There are also other reasons that search intent may change over time.

The Overview tab

In the Overview tab, you can see aggregated numbers for search intent for all keywords in the current filtering. If a keyword has several intents, each of them will count. You will find the chart just below the Dynamic Top 10 Competitors chart.


Tip: If you click on any of the bars, e.g. the transactional bar, the keyword list will open and show all your transactional keywords.

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