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Last updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

Est. Visitors (Estimated Visitors) and Potential, are columns available in the “table settings” options. These are available once you have connected Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Read more about connecting Google Search Console to AccuRanker.

How can I enable the Estimated Visitors and Potential columns in AccuRanker?

1) Go to the respective domains keywords list

2) Select “Table Settings” and enable “Est. Visitors” and/or “Potential”

Visitors and Potential are included in AccuRanker to help and to provide valuable insights. Visitors show which keywords are generating traffic. Potential is there to indicate where optimization is most worthwhile.


Visitor figures are allocated to individual keywords using:

  1. The number of visitors to the specific URL (Landing page). We are able to get this data from Google Analytics.
  2. The monthly search volume taken from Google Keyword Planner.

From this, we can calculate an estimate of how much traffic each keyword generates to that specific landing page.

How accurate is AccuRanker’s ‘visitors’ column?

The data used to calculate the visitors column is provided by Google Analytics, and includes the actual number of visitors per landing page. This means the data is completely accurate.

However, when visitor figures are matched to individual keywords, the number of monthly searches is used by AccuRanker.

For the individual number to be accurate, all keywords generating significant traffic must be added to AccuRanker.

If keywords which generate a lot of traffic are omitted from AccuRanker, the accuracy of visitors on the landing page in question will be lower.


Potential is again specific to individual landing pages.

When a keyword has more monthly searches (popularity) than other keywords leading to the same URL (the landing page), the keyword can potentially pull in more users. The ‘potential’ figure is intended to be an indicator of which words to focus on when optimising.

The accuracy of the AccuRanker Potential column

When a keyword is ranked in the first position on Google, the ‘Potential’ meter is replaced by a check mark, because the full potential is therefore achieved.

To calculate the potential of each keyword, the number of monthly searches and the current number of visitors is used. Because of that, the accuracy of this metric is also dependent on the importing of as many traffic generating keywords as possible.

The import of keywords is most easily done using the Google Search Console importer.

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